Brighton striker Welbeck 'has an aura about him'

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Brighton striker Welbeck 'has an aura about him'
Brighton striker Welbeck 'has an aura about him'
Brighton striker Welbeck 'has an aura about him'Flashscore
Lallana admits he had input on Welbeck's original signing, which was pulled off by Dan Ashworth and Graham Potter.

He told The Argus: The minute Dan spoke to me about Welbz 'What do think about Welbeck?' - I said 'Get him in the door. Do whatever you can to get Welbeck in this building'.


He shouldn't be at Brighton four years ago. Too good.

Don't take that the wrong way.

But we have got the opportunity because Danny has had some tough injuries in his career.

Look what has happened.

He has come through the door, the club have managed him fantastically.

Graham (Potter) was brilliant with him.

Again, treat him probably differently because of his body and the age.

And he has played so much football.

But it is not just what you are getting on the pitch.

It's the aura. He has been at United with Giggsy, Scholesy.

He has won the Premier League, been Champions League, won the FA Cup.

There's an aura that fits with Danny Welbeck.

You guys might not get access to that but, when he is in the building every day for three or four years, people understand what he is doing, how he trains, how he lives his life.

How well-mannered he is, what a good person he is.

Again, credit to Dan Ashworth, Graham for bringing him in.

It was another masterstroke, in my opinion, in helping on the journey to where we have come."