Juventus defender Fabio Cannavaro is keen to move to Napoli.

Cannavaro will turn 37 in September and even his agent admits there's little chance of extending his stay in Turin.

"Juventus have an option until the end of April to extend, but I think there will be a general revolution in the squad," Enrico Fedele told Napolimagazine.com.

"Fabio does not want to be a director, he wants to continue playing. I think we will evaluate some of the situations that are already in place.

"It's hardly a surprise revelation that Cannavaro would love a return to Napoli. The welcome he was given by the San Paolo crowd a few weeks ago was an important sign.

"Fabio's contract expires in June, but this has been a cursed year for the team. Yet if you look at the newspaper reviews of individual performances, you'll find that Cannavaro was inferior only to Giorgio Chiellini.

"He is in excellent physical shape and the fitness staff at Juventus can confirm that."