Chelsea boss Andre Villas-Boas has challenged the media to Google their past criticism of his team following victory over Manchester City. Victories over Newcastle, Valencia and now City have Chelsea now eyeing a title challenge at home and in Europe.

"I gave you my opinion on the fact of the things growing up to that three-game period," said Villas-Boas.

"You can check them on the internet, you can google it and come across it. It was criticism to us, criticism to me and criticism to our players.

"'Our players are not fit, these players cannot compete for this title, they cannot compete with this philosophy.'

"So the fact that we won away to Newcastle, we won against Valencia to be top of the group and we won against the unbeaten League leaders showed that, in fact, these guys can take it through.

"We are competent, we really believe in our title hopes and we believe in our title challenge.

"This is the team that my technical staff, the owner and chief executive took on to win four trophies. We lost one but believe in the other three.

"[We're] seven points [adrift] in this Premier League at the moment and with so many teams competing for the title, it's nothing."