Blackburn Rovers ace David Bentley has slammed the dinosaurs blaming the Premiership's foreign influx on England's national team woes.

Bentley, who came through Arsenal's youth system, rapped: "Foreigners aren't killing us off. If the English footballers are good enough they'll make it. Having one really good English player is better than having 10 average ones.

"There's a lot of c**p about us not having young players. We have got them, we just have to believe. Ashley Young, Dean Ashton, Matt Derbyshire, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Wayne Rooney are all top Premier League players.

"I don't go for the foreigners argument. It's an excuse - and not a very good one. There are around 70 English players regularly involved in a Premier League which is probably the strongest league in the world.

"If we can't find 11 out of that lot then we have got a problem."