AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti gave as good as he copped in the media conference following their 2-0 defeat at Genoa.

"Looking at the table, there is precious little to be optimistic about," confessed Ancelotti, as only Cagliari have done as badly so far this season.

"We have time to fix things and I am certain that we will. This is my Milan. I have nothing to clarify with the President or general manager, as the club is very close to me and is eager to be as reassuring as possible. I carry on along my path and am not interested in what is written in the newspapers."

This is his eighth season at the helm and whispers of a dismissal to make way for Roberto Donadoni or Frank Rijkaard are starting to irritate Ancelotti in the Press room.

"If you know something more than I do, then please go ahead and tell me. At Milan we are not accustomed to seeking out scapegoats.

"Instead we analyse our own situation and seek solutions. Will we manage it? I say we will."