UEFA president Michel Platini has declared he wants Juventus to win the Champions League. Platini admits he wants to hand his old club the trophy.

"Who will win the Champions League? If I say that I'd like to hand the trophy to Juventus, then someone will get annoyed," smiled Platini.

"I saw two great German teams, Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund. I include Juve in the list of potentials, as they are so strong and I love their national identity. At times they play with nine Italians, which is so rare nowadays.

"L'Avvocato would've loved this team too, as he would not have enjoyed this sport with a thousand foreigners who come and go."

L'Avvocato is the nickname used for former Juve President Gianni Agnelli, who was at the helm during Platini's Turin stay.

 Is this just some fun from Platini? Or should he behave better? Give us your shout below...