West Ham United boss Sam Allardyce has declared Chelsea winger Eden Hazard as "unstoppable" after yesterday's defeat.

Allardyce could not attach any blame to his defenders for not stopping the Belgian from notching the second on the day.

He said: "I will criticise my players if they deserve to be criticised, but you can't stop Eden Hazard, he's that good. When he decides he wants to skip past players, with the ability he's got, he's good at kidding the defenders with what they think he's going to do. He doesn't do that, he throws them off balance and then skips past them again.

"He can finish, he's two-footed, he's quick, he plays really well in tight situations, so I thought it was a really hard job for us to handle him. They were a better side than us, but based on how much they've spent it's no wonder really."