Wenger told the Daily Star: "Chelsea has an abundance of good players. That can be a huge strength, because the Champions League and the Premier League is a marathon, but if it doesn't go well it can also be a weakness.

"There are so many players in midfield that they will have to sacrifice very good and very experienced players. They can't all play at once. For a long time, I thought that they had made up their mind that they would lose Lampard and that's why they bought Deco.

"In the end, though, they have got both.

"So how it will work with Essien, Mikel, Deco, Lampard, Ballack and Cole will be interesting. But one thing you have to say is that they have top quality to choose from.

"Jose Bosingwa is a good buy, a powerful player, good going forward and efficient. It also means Essien can play in midfield rather than right-back.

"I Iike Scolari - he is a positive guy. I know him well and I'm sure he will be an interesting addition to the Premier League."