Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek is confident the lone attack formation will continue to work for his team.

After naming his squad for the international friendly against South Korea in early September, the Dutchman revealed his plan for his strikers.

"My plan is to play with Josh Kennedy and Scott McDonald, which I know would normally be a two-striker system, but they have to play a little bit different than normal,'' he said from Rotterdam.

"We are not going to change too much in the formation or in strategy.

"I think we are doing quite well, so they have to show me that they can adapt in the same way that we play normally."

Verbeek will be without the goal scoring heroics of Tim Cahill who has basically been rested so he can play European football with Everton.

"Timmy is struggling a little bit with his foot [as] they play a lot of games in Europe,'' he said. ''It's a totally different injury [to previous foot issues].

"It is better to leave him in England because I have enough other players. They have a long, long season to go.''