Arsenal striker Robin van Persie says he is likely to sign a new contract with the club during summer.

The Dutchman's contract expires at the end of next season but the Gunners are keen to secure him for longer than that.

"We've had a couple of meetings now in a really positive atmosphere," he said.

"The main thing in these things is whether you both have the intention to 'extend' but the way I see it is that we both have the intention to extend so there's a big chance that I will stay.

"We are talking about a new deal, not now, because as I read in the paper the boss doesn't want us to speak about it anymore. That's his opinion, no problems with that. We'll wait.

"We'll go on with the meetings at the end of the season. I have a deal here, I do respect that and what happens after my deal I don't know because we're still talking."