Andriy Shevchenko has no regrets over his time at Chelsea.

The Ukraine legend still looks back on his time in England with fondness - despite the difficulties.

As he prepares to face England on Tuesday, he said: "It was my choice to leave Chelsea, for personal reasons. You could say I wanted to leave to experience something else.

"Living in London, where I felt really comfortable, brought some stability to my life. After that, in football terms, for sure I lost something there. My years at Chelsea were difficult - but ultimately beautiful.

"I left Milan when I was nearly 30 years old, and I had won everything. When I arrived at Chelsea, everyone expected me to repeat the same performances. But that was impossible. I suffered many injuries and many other things.

"Relations were fine between Didier Drogba and me and they still are today, the problem was that Chelsea rarely wanted to play with two strikers.

"Like it or not, criticism from people is part of our job, our world. Without all these endless discussions, football would not be football, a sport that's so important."