Tottenham star Gareth Bale admits they've benefited from manager Harry Redknapp's approach.

Bale is among the Spurs players who have thrived under Redknapp's management.

"The good thing about the gaffer is that if you're good at something he wants you to do it. He lets you express yourself," he told the Telegraph.

"He wants me and Aaron [Lennon] to take on the full-back every time we get the ball, he wants Jermain and Ade to get in the box, Luka [Modric] to get on the ball, Rafa [Van der Vaart] to get on the ball and thread passes.

"Modric is one of those who gets in pockets. He can drop a shoulder and thread a pass through. He's starting to score a few more goals now which can help the team."