Torino coach Gianni de Biasi has rapped David di Michele over his defection to West Ham United.

"David told me at the start of pre-season training that he wanted to leave and in the end we let him go," De Biasi explained.

"If he had stayed I certainly would have let him play because I always play those who have the kind of technical ability he does. But he felt a lack of faith in his talents.

"He told me that he was worried that there were four players for three positions and I told him that it is a tough life being a footballer!

"We have lots of players but there could be space for anyone. In the same situation, Elvis Abbruscato decided to stay because he liked the environment.

"Matteo Rubin was in the stands against Brescia in the Coppa Italia but he played from the first minute against Lecce - that is how this team is run."