Clarence Seedorf says there's great unity at AC Milan.

The Dutchman was one of several stars whose contract expired this summer and opted to walk away, though he has stated he'll continue his playing career elsewhere.

"To spend 10 years at Milan really is a long experience," Seedorf told Al Jazeera television.

"When you play for such a long time with the same teammates, a rapport builds that is beyond the professional sphere. You become almost like brothers.

"Even those who arrived later to the squad were treated that way, as we did really well to create a wonderful group."

Carlo Ancelotti was on the Milan bench for eight years and Seedorf has no qualms about putting him above the other Coaches.

"He was a great friend and put a lot of responsibility on my shoulders in the locker room. We had a wonderful rapport and I was very sad when he left.

"President Silvio Berlusconi has remarkable charisma and he loves Milan like crazy."