Clarence Seedorf admits he's grappled with his new leadership role at AC Milan.

The Dutch midfielder said: "I accepted the proposal from (vice-president) Adriano Galliani, not so much from an economic standpoint, because I have given up a sack money, but because (coach) Carlo Ancelotti and he had in mind a leadership role for me.

"The first game I was on the bench, I had to win over even Ancelotti. To become a leader has too many moments of loneliness because you must know how to make information available to others.

"People want this from me and have always respected my transparency. Wherever I was, I have always been welcomed with open arms and this means that my way of expressing leadership, has always been perceived in a positive way.

"I am a frank, I love dialogue and I always talk. We (Ancelotti and Seedorf) both knew how to manage the relationship and we have used the time to get to know eachother."