Paul Scholes admits he'll be happy when his Manchester United career is over.

"Part of me will be glad to finish," said Scholes. "I can't say I can't wait to finish but I'm looking forward to finishing and everything that goes with it. The only thing I'll definitely miss is the football. The general life of a footballer, I suppose, I won't miss at all.

"People are just very invasive, aren't they? They are always wanting to know what you have been doing and what you're going to do.

"I'm sure I'll go to watch United. My lad Aaron is absolutely mad on Man United. But that'll be as far as it goes. I'd think I have two years left at the most.

"At the moment I just think that would be about right. I feel OK right now and as long as I feel OK then I'll carry on. 'I'll just have to see when the time comes whether I want to carry on playing somewhere else at a lower level. I don't look that far ahead."