Lazio coach Delio Rossi insists his players are on the way back, despite last night's 3-2 defeat at home to Juventus.

"I expected a sign after our elimination from the Champions League and the squad satisfied me in that respect," said the Coach.

"We made some mistakes when defending, but I saw a hungry and healthy team. Unfortunately, as we were so eager to make up for lost time, we were lulled into making more errors."

Alessandro Del Piero bagged a brace of almost identical counter-attacks, both launched from their own half by Cristiano Zanetti.

"I don't think it is a tactical issue but rather one of concentration," continued Lazio boss Rossi.

"This eagerness to turn around the situation took away from our sharpness, though overall the team played well.

"Sometimes I am unhappy with the performance even after winning, but evaluating tonight's game I would say it was up to standard."