Wayne Rooney has revealed how Manchester United legend Sir Bobby Charlton has put "gentle pressure" on the players to win the Champions League this season.

Rooney says Charlton challenged the Manchester United squad to win the Champions League this season in memory of the players who lost their lives in the Munich disaster.

Rooney said: "We spoke to Sir Bobby and he has put a bit of gentle pressure on us to win the Champions League. It would be good for the club if we could win it this year.

"It would be a great achievement for us to win the European Cup, not just for ourselves but for the Busby Babes.

"Sir Bobby stood in front of us and said how fitting it would be for us to win the European Cup this year of all years.

"He said he didn't want to put too much pressure on us but if we did manage to do it, it would be the best possible way to mark the memory of the Busby Babes."