Leicester City midfielder Richie Wellens has taken the mick out of their FA Cup opponents Norwich City.

Foxes midfielder Wellens has cranked up the stakes ahead of today's trip to Paul Lambert's Premier League outfit by ­saying: "We expect to beat them."

He said: "If we were playing ­Manchester United or Arsenal, we'd be going there to do our best. It would be a good day out for the fans and if we lost, so be it.

"But if we lose against Norwich, we will be disappointed. We expect to go to Norwich and beat them. I think a lot of times when you get a lower league club up against a higher league club you can just go out and enjoy a good day out.

"But I think we are a bigger club than Norwich, no disrespect, so it's not like that and we are going there to win the game. We have a lot of young players here who have never experienced this kind of pressure before so you can feel it.

"We have got to work hard and stay strong and make sure that the characters who are in the team who are stronger help the others."