Lazio coach Edy Reja feels they've had a reality check after defeat to Bologna.

The Biancocelesti were still celebrating the derby victory, but fell 3-1 at the Olimpico this evening with Francelino Matuzalem and Alejandro Gonzalez sent off.

"Our attitude was not particularly positive at the start and you pay for that against a dangerous team like Bologna," said the Coach.

"Unfortunately the players I field are always the same ones, as for example Cristian Ledesma and Gonzalez are playing non-stop.

"In any case, up until Matuzalem's dismissal we were entirely in the game, then the second red card definitively put an end to our hopes. I don't think Matuzalem deserved any more than a yellow, as he was just trying to shrug off Alessandro Diamanti.

"There's no point crying over spilt milk, though, so we just have to keep going forward. I have to thank the fans, who supported us even when we were left with nine men. Admittedly, Lazio are not in the best condition right now."