Reading chief Nicky Hammond has revealed they haven't given up hope of convincing Nicky Shorey and Leroy Lita to pen new contracts.

He told the Reading Evening Chronicle: "Leroy and Nicky are keeping their options open and I can understand that to a certain degree.

"But my priority is to move the conversation forward and get them to commit to us.

"There's a week before the window closes so it's understandable they won't commit at this time. And who's to say they will in the future? We just don't know.

"But it's certainly our intention to convince them to stay as we continue to move forward as a club."

And Hammond added: "We don't comment on speculation, but I can stress we haven't had anything official through, other than the normal conversations you have in the course of everyday business.

"But the important thing for us is to move discussions forward. It's up to us to convince them of the merits of staying here."