Premier League chief: £200,000-a-week player coming

Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore believes top players could earn £200,000 a week by the end of the decade.

Scudamore predicts Premier League TV rights will continue to rise from the record £2.7billion three-year deal agreed in January 2007 and potentially break through the £3billion mark.

Scudamore told the Daily Express: "Is there no end to the money going up? I don't think so. Football provides entertainment. People want to watch it.

"It has been like that for the 16 years since the Premiership began."

Chelsea captain John Terry has reportedly become England's highest-paid player on wages of around £130,000 a week and Scudamore can see players getting up to £200,000.

"I can see the day when one or two are earning £200,000 a week but only the biggest superstars.

"The average now is just under £19,000 a week which means some are earning under £10,000 a week."

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