Portsmouth No2 Adams: I compliment Harry well

Portsmouth assistant boss Tony Adams says he and manager Harry Redknapp compliment eachother well.

Adams, 41, said: "At the end of the day, Harry and I are only as good as the players we have at the club.

"When David James keeps 14 clean sheets and Jermain Defoe scores eight goals in seven games, suddenly that makes us look good!

"But we've got our own personalities and we contribute in our own ways.

"Harry reminds me of my dad, he's an old-school coach. I'm more scientific than Harry - and he won't mind me saying that.

"Between us we don't miss a lot. Whether it's the motivational side, physiological or performance side, we contribute and cover everything.

"He's a bit more from the gut than I am. I use my head and am more analytical.

"I like counting to 10 if I feel like I'm about to blow my top, while Harry lives on his emotions - he's out there on the seat of his pants.

"He's taught me a few things in terms of player-management and we've been known to do a bit of the ‘good cop, bad cop' routine. But I'm the good one!

"Harry likes a good old row to be honest."

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