Newcastle United midfielder Yohan Cabaye fears he'll have to run a gauntlet tonight at Everton.

Cabaye was at the centre of controversy last season when Tim Cahill grabbed him by the throat.

He said: "We have to forget that game last season, just as we have to forget every game last season. Everton are very strong and it is teams like them who have started the season well, who will make it even harder for us.

"They are like us - they have some good players and play with a team mentality and are a strong unit.

"We will have to be stronger mentally. We surprised people last season when we finished fifth and this year is different.

"Every team knows what we can do on the pitch and we are a target.

"The right mentality is very important for us and we have that in the dressing room. The spirit is just as strong as it was last season."