Molde coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is keeping himself available to eventually succeed Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager.

Solskjaer has insisted this week he's not interested in the jobs at Blackburn Rovers nor Bolton Wanderers.

"There will always be speculation when someone in England needs a new manager," he said. "There are surely 20 names who have been linked with Bolton now and it's natural that mine is among them.

"But it's not for me. Blackburn, Bolton, rumours crop up all the time. But I'm not that bothered about them."

The Manchester Evening News says his present deal with Molde expires in 2014 and it could well be perfect timing as far as United are concerned.

Ferguson's retirement is an ongoing matter of guesswork.

But the good money remains on the most successful boss ever calling it quits by the end of the 2013/14 campaign.

It could easily be as early as the end of this season that Fergie, who will be 71 by then, believes he's run his course.

If he sticks around for those two years then Solskjaer's experience will be stacking up.