MLS commissioner Don Garber has opened the door to negotiations with AC Milan over the sale of LA Galaxy star David Beckham. "It depends on what it is they're looking to do," said Garber. "We think David has been an important part of our league and a great ambassador and I hope that he stays in Major League Soccer for an extended period of time. If it's something that makes sense for him and the Galaxy we'll certainly be supportive of that, but it's way too premature to comment."

Reports suggest Milan could pry the 33-year-old England international away from L.A. for as low as $6.4 million, a sum Garber brushed aside out-of-hand.

"That wouldn't be something we would even remotely consider," Garber told Sports Illustrated. "Jozy Altidore signed for $10 million, so..."

Altidore made the move from the New York Red Bulls to Spanish side Villarreal for that figure last summer, and was MLS's record sale.