Manchester United legend Gary Neville has questioned the culture inside Chelsea after the dismissal of Roberto di Matteo.

Neville wrote in the Mail on Sunday: " ... having weighed it up, my overwhelming feeling is that there's something quite dark about last week's events: whether it be the sacking of a manager who won the European Cup and FA Cup six months ago; whether it be the fall-out over the Mark Clattenburg affair, with a referee accused of making a racist comment and then no substantive evidence being produced; whether it is the odd appointment of Rafa Benitez only as an 'interim' manager; or whether it is the incredible amount of information that leaks out of Chelsea, so much that everyone must be on a knife-edge at that club.

"I think of the dressing room being a sanctuary, that anything which happens on the coach, the plane, in the hotel, is sacrosanct. It never seems that way at Chelsea. So much has come out this week that I was asking myself: 'When does a leaker become a mole?' I would find it very difficult to operate in a situation like that."