Retired Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admits he plans to enter coaching.

Solskjaer told "I'll do my coaching badges and, as I have discussed with the manager already, I will start my coaching education here with United. We've not had serious discussions in terms of defining what that role will be, but the gaffer has been great with me ever since the decision to retire was made. There is an offer to coach here, and that is something I'm pleased about.

"I'm not one for dwelling on the past, that's not in my nature. I'm looking forward and I'm very excited about working… on the other side of the line, if you like. It will be very challenging, which is important, and I'm pleased that I'll make my first steps into coaching at this club. Whenever I've thought about coaching I've always wanted to work at United, it feels right. But you never know if you'll be wanted, so when the manager told me there might be a place I was absolutely delighted."