Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has heaped praise on David De Gea going into Monday's derby.

Ferguson is confident De Gea will make even more of an impact next season.

"David has developed and matured as the season has gone on," said Ferguson.

"We've seen a very progressive and developing young goalkeeper and next season he'll be even better."

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand also declared: "When you play for Manchester United you are under incredible scrutiny. That is just the way it is.

"You have to get used to it. You need a thick skin to be a Manchester United player. Because if you cannot take a battering at times you will fall by the wayside and someone else will fill your shoes.

"He has a huge price tag on his head that carries a lot of weight.

"But he is resilient, even if he still has a lot to prove because this season is not over yet."