Manchester City coach David Platt admits they're banking on Manchester United slipping up.

As a player Platt was at Arsenal when they overhauled a 13-point margin to beat United to the title in 1998.

What kind of character does it take to do so?

"It's slightly different in the fact that back then, I think we lost three out of four games around Christmas time and we didn't go into games after that thinking, 'What we've got to do to win the league is win the next 13 games or something'.

"It just happens and it's probably about six games before the end before you think you've got a sniff of a chance. Every season is different and people like to have headlines like, 'we're coming to get you', 'we're doing this', 'we're doing that'. But the fact of the matter is they're clear at this moment in time."