Manchester City boss Sven Goran Eriksson admits he thought they were better than they were ahead of their 6-0 thrashing by Chelsea earlier this season.

"I was to blame for the size of the defeat at Chelsea in the first game because we went there perhaps thinking we were better than we were and tried to play openly," said Eriksson.

"They scored two goals very quickly and the day was over. We never really got back into the match. It will be different on Saturday. I don't know whether or not we will win but a good performance is very important.

"It is a good opportunity for us to take revenge not on Chelsea because that is a long time ago but on ourselves and how we performed last weekend at Birmingham.

"Now we have one of the best teams in the league coming to us we have the opportunity to stand up, play and challenge them. I think it is a good game to have. We didn't give ourselves the chance to win the game at Birmingham and that was disappointing. We must do that this time."