AC Milan's Paolo Maldini admits the club are in rough patch but it's nothing he hasn't seen before. After a 4-2 loss to Juventus in the Serie A last weekend and a draw overnight in the UEFA Cup relegating them to second spot in their group, Maldini knows that times are tough but has faith they can get through it.

"We certainly aren't having a great time of things, but it's not the worst time that I have been through at Milan," Maldini told Sky Sport 24.

"Of course we could have done better, but last year we were much further behind Inter.

"Furthermore we beat the Nerazzurri in our direct confrontation and we think we can claw back the deficit.

"We are having a bit of an emergency, it is true, but on Sunday we will see some players return from injuries and we will put out a more than decent side."