Liverpool favourite Dirk Kuyt knows he's not your typical Dutch footballer.

"I have heard the jokes that I can't be from Holland, and I know that I am not a typical Dutch player. Maybe I am different to the typical Dutch character too," he told the Mirror.

"I'm from a fishing village where you have to work really hard, at sea five or six days a week, come home for one day and then be off working even for weeks at a time, so the mentality comes from that I think.

"That is my character, that is what the Liverpool fans see. But if you are talking football-wise then I am definitely not a typical Dutch player.

"You think of them being technically gifted, like Cruyff and Van Basten, Bergkamp and Van Persie - I am just a different kind of player.

"I do like to work very hard every game, but I enjoy myself, and maybe I'm a little more than just hard work.

"I am happy with what I have achieved so far with my own style, and I am still very hungry to do better. I still have the feeling that I can progress, get better and achieve more."