Liverpool whiz Sterling: Rodgers TV dressing down followed by Mum also getting stuck in!

Liverpool teen Raheem Sterling admits it wasn't just manager Brendan Rodgers who rapped him in front of the TV cameras on preseason in the US.

When Sterling interrupted a team talk during a pre-season tour of America, the manager told him he would be on the "next plane home" if he did not listen.

Sterling admitted: "My mum sat me down and told me it’s an important time in my life and for me to be grateful. I’m taking it slowly and becoming more focused.

"She tells me to spend more time at home — she says the more you are at home the less trouble you can get into! So that’s the best advice she can give me. The manager doesn’t want any young players thinking they’re better than they are and he has put his stamp on me.

"The TV clip didn’t do me any favours. It gave people the impression I’m a big-time kid, and it’s nothing like that."

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