Liverpool legend Dalglish tribute to Gerrard

Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish has paid tribute to Steven Gerrard.

In his column for, Dalglish wrote: "This month marks the ten year anniversary of Steven's Liverpool debut and all you can say is that his spell at the club has been marvellous. Look back over the years and there are plenty of examples where he has taken games by the scruff of the neck and dragged us through. Olympicaos at Anfield, AC Milan in Istanbul and West Ham in Cardiff are three that spring immediately to mind – but there are many others.

"He has led by tremendous example for so many years and any accolades or adjectives to describe his contribution probably wouldn't begin to do him justice.

"The longer he is here then the better for everyone connected with the football club and the more milestones he reaches then the happier everyone will be.

"It's always really special if a local boy is having success doing something he really enjoys at a club he loves. Can it get any better than that? I doubt it."

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