Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard says they must finish above Everton for Jamie Carragher's sake.

Gerrard is determined to win to avoid a summer of stick from his Blue-nosed buddies and give Carragher a derby to remember before he quits this summer.

He said: "Carra will want to finish above Everton. That'll be in his head 100 per cent, it's in everyone's head in the short-term.

"But, you know, sixth or seventh is not a real big deal is it?

"If Everton finish above us and their fans, players and everyone are really happy, then that's up to them.

"But if we finish above Everton there will be no celebrating because it's nothing really.

"We want to win the derby, of course we do. We want to finish above Everton, of course we do. But in the big picture is it really, really important? I don't know - maybe not."