Lazio coach Delio Rossi is refusing to talk with the local media.

Rossi has refused to talk to the media after an intercepted telephone conversation was published in a national newspaper.

The call between Rossi and President Claudio Lotito has been used to imply the tactician had urged the club to contact Lecce and "soften them up" ahead of their upcoming Serie A match last season.

"I have decided to do this because I am watching a trial by media against me. They want me tried and strung up in the town square," said Rossi in a statement.

"Instead I want to be judged by people who can do so in a relaxed and professional manner. So I will no longer talk about football or non-football matters until the judgment is in. I cannot split the man from the Coach, this is my decision."

As Rossi walked away, he also gave the media one last comment about this new Calciopoli scandal.

"Time is a gentleman and in time we will see the correct view of these events when I have been judged."