Iceland's Swedish coach Lars Lagerback says Liverpool target Gylfi Sigurdsson doesn't suffer in comparisons with the players he's worked with.

Lagerback knows a world-class forward when he sees one, having handed Zlatan Ibrahimovic his international debut back in 2001 and having worked closely with Sweden legend Henrik Larsson during his 10 years in charge of the national side.

Lagerback believes that it's hard to compare Sigurdsson with either, but claims that Iceland's wonderkid is far more than simply a goalscoring midfielder.

"We have found a role for him in the Iceland team where he can be involved as much as possible and really influence the attacking part of our game," Lagerback told the Mirror.

"He's not really like either of them (Ibrahimovic or Larsson) but there are elements of his game that are like Zlatan - he's not a goalscorer like Henrik was.

"He has fantastic feet and can shoot from anywhere but he's more of a playmaker or an offensive midfielder with good shooting ability."