Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini is ready to freeze out Adriano from his first team plans for the rest of this season.

The Brazilian rejected a raft of offers to move away, but faces the campaign in the stands, as Mancini warned: "Leaving out Adriano could give him some problems, because he would not be able to play in the Champions League, but it would allow him to train regularly during the week for Serie A.

"We don't need to do anything in particular different from what we have done until now. We have always tried to get him back to his best, but we cannot do it alone.

"Adri has to give us a hand, as it also depends on him. A large percentage of what we will achieve will come from what he wants to do and how much hunger he has. Alone we cannot do anything, but with hard work and effort from both sides we can achieve something more.

"He really cares for Inter and wants to do well here. That, for a start, is a great motivational factor.

"We have never said we wanted to send him out on loan, we were just trying to find the best solution for all concerned. That could well have been letting him play regularly and without pressure."