The Atletico Madrid midfielder signed for Inter yesterday on-loan and at his presentation declared: "Arriving at a very big and organised club I can only think about how I will play. I want to do well and show all my quality, not only until June.

"In the past I have changed many teams because I have experienced adverse situations. In Madrid, I always trained well and I am ready to play even now. I promise work and sacrifice, I have not come to Milan for a holiday, but to prove I deserve to be here.

"We have the potential to win the Champions League, but we must all play together like a big family. I believe I can play because I know my value, but if Roberto Mancini keeps me on the bench it would not controversial because the team always comes before the individual.

"People often confuse a difficult character with a strong one, and I want to win relationships with the real people who have always been excellent with me."