Ruud Gullit is happy to see Steve McClaren take the job at Holland's FC Twente.

"I think it is a strange one," LA Galaxy coach Gullit. "I never thought an Englishman would do that, especially when you have had the national team.

"It is a surprise, but it is a nice surprise.

"I hope he does well, but it is a different ball game than in England. Everything in Holland is very tactical.

"It depends on how he adapts himself, because it is totally different to what he is used to, it is going to be a challenge for him.

"The English game is a fast game, a game that is played with the heart.

"In Holland everything is very tactical and a lot of passing, passing, passing, and you have to adapt to that. The club is great, it is a very good club. I never thought he would go there, so it is a real surprise."