MLS Commissioner Don Garber has labelled LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan as an 'American hero'.

When quizzed in an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Garber spoke very highly of Donovan who was the key to the USA national team performing so well at the recent World Cup.

"Really a great American soccer hero," Garber said of Donovan.

"I think he represents what's great about this sport in this country. He grew up in California. He's bilingual. He's played and been one of the great stars of our national team. He's certainly helped elevate the position and reputation of Major League Soccer for so many years.

"I think this past month at the World Cup he transcended our sport and became a guy that really has broken through to the general sports market. Boy, there are very few people in this country who love sports who don't know about Landon Donovan and don't know the great development of the sport and the recent success of the sport. Landon has had a lot to do where the sport is today. Not just the sport, but where Major League Soccer is today."