Galliani: Beckham giving up massive money for AC Milan stay

AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has gushed with praise for David Beckham as his loan extension from LA Galaxy is about to be rubberstamped.

Although the official deal has not been confirmed yet, the Rossoneri look set to keep Becks until the end of the season on loan thanks to his £2m pay cut.

He’ll return to LA Galaxy in July and then play the MLS campaign until November, when he can become a free agent due to a clause in his contract.

“Beckham is one of the few players who show their affection for a club in a tangible manner,” continued Galliani on Milan Channel.

“Everyone is happy to say such things, but few actually give up a mountain of money to wear the Rossoneri jersey. Beckham is one of them.”

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