Fenway Sports Group chief John W Henry has been forced to defend their ownership of Liverpool.Liverpool's principal owner has come under fire for the way the Boston Red Sox baseball team, Fenway Sports Group's other major sporting investment, have performed.

He has also come under scrutiny from Liverpool fans, who think Henry is more concerned with restoring the Red Sox to former glories than rebuilding Liverpool.

Speaking in Florida on Monday, Henry said: "Everything affects you but the things that have been said, repeated over and over again, are fairly ludicrous.

"You can say every major league owner is distracted if you want to try to make a case for it because they all have other businesses, other endeavours."

Henry added: "Imagine if I had nothing else to do other than run the Red Sox? What do you think would be different?

"I would say some of (FSG's limited partners) are not OK. They read the same stuff, and probably some think that we are distracted. Last year's (Red Sox) losses weren't the result of Liverpool."