Mikael Forssell has urged Birmingham City's derby rookies to be prepared for anything against Aston Villa.

"You will obviously try to prep people up about what to expect, but everyone will get into the rhythm very quickly once the game starts," he told the Birmingham Mail.

"Players will hear the crowd and they have will have been part of derbies and games like these in their countries and the respective places they have played before.

"This week, in the run-up, I am sure people will be coming up to us and saying 'come on, Villa - this is the big game', blah, blah, blah.

"I think everyone will know what it means by Sunday, as I'm sure they do now to be honest.

"I think that instead of saying it's a game of pressure, I would rather it is seen as a game of enjoyment because it is a great game, a great day, a great occasion.

"You want to be taking part in a derby match like this, when you there is something extra on it and you know the atmosphere is going to be good. You shouldn't be worried but relish it, and I believe we will do that."