Falkirk assistant Alex Smith revealed after the 3-1 defeat at St Johnstone that he has taken on a more hands-on role to help out rookie Eddie May. The defeat to St Johnstone leaves them still searching for their first league victory.

Smith said: "We just feel that we want to use all our assets as much as we can.

"For most of the season up until last week I've been in the stand and we felt before last week's game we would work together and bounce things off each other in the dugout, rather than anywhere else.

"I was just trying to inspire the players to get back into the game and to believe in themselves.

"Every single person involved in the club has to pull together, but mainly the players and the management.

"We're a new management team, with two very young, promising managers wanting to learn the game.

"We have to do it in a way where they can get as much knowledge and information as quickly as possible. When it's hot during the game, that's when it's most needed.

"We need to share the load. We know we have a lot of work to do so we have to share it in a way that is in the best interests of the football club."