Former Manchester United defender Viv Anderson has spoken of his first blast from Sir Alex Ferguson.

Anderson was Ferguson's first signing at Manchester United in the summer of 1987.

He told The Sun: "We went to Hartlepool for a pre-season game.

"We were doing them a favour, taking a strong team there. But we were 5-0 down at half-time. And that was the first time I'd really had the hairdryer.

"There's a table in the dressing room with water, tea and orange juice on it. He comes in and knocks everything off - hot tea and everything is flying into people's faces.

"Then he goes round individually: 'You ****ing think you're a Manchester United player?'

"Every single player. The veins in his neck are standing out. You know he is deadly serious. He didn't do it all the time. He chose his moments. You can't do it all the time or it loses its effect.

"But 5-0 down at Hartlepool in pre-season is the right time."