Everton boss David Moyes praised Jack Rodwell for his man-marking effort on Manchester City's David Silva.

The 20-year-old midfielder stuck to his task despite a first-half booking, with Silva creating City's second goal for James Milner only after Rodwell had been relieved of his assignment with the visitors in search of an equaliser.

And Moyes said: "If nobody has identified Silva in the Premier League by now then something's up with them. He's as good as anybody in the Premier League at the moment.

"He's the one who is the hub, and I thought we did a good job on limiting his chances. Jack Rodwell did a great job on marking David Silva."

Of Rodwell, Silva added: "He didn't say anything to me. He did his job on the pitch and was always with me. Those kind of things stay on the pitch and after the game, it is forgotten about."