Everton skipper Phil Neville admits he sees himself entering management.

Neville comes off contract in June and is yet to make a decision about playing on.

He told the Mail on Sunday: "If you asked me now, I'd say 70-30 I'm going into management. Though I'm not involved in any of their team tactics, I'm fortunate that the gaffer and Steve Round [David Moyes's assistant] do include me in terms of coaching videos and analysis and scouting players.

"I jot things down. The last five years I've recorded every training session I've been part of. I watch that many games of football and I watch training sessions on YouTube. It's not something I forced myself into doing. It's just natural. That tells me that maybe that's my niche. I did Match of the Day this year, which I loved as well, but I'd say I'm swaying towards the coaching side."