Everton boss David Moyes has held talks with Marouane Fellaini about keeping his cool.

Moyes is taking steps to ensure there is no repeat of the costly loss of control.

"If I was playing against Felli, I'd try and wind him up," said the former Preston centre half. "Anybody would. It's what happens with good players, and I keep telling him he just has to get on with it.

"The best person to look at for that is Lionel Messi. Every person targets him, everyone tries to kick him and stop him. They'll do everything.

"He is the best in the world and he gets physically attacked every game, but all he ever does is get up and get on with it. That is the sign of a top player.

"I feel as if Felli let us down at Stoke, but that is in the past. He has paid his punishment, as we have as well, but I don't have any concerns about his character overall."